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Property Management Bootstrappers

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Sep 9, 2020

Bootstrappers is a program designed to bring you up to the minute ideas and concepts to understand what it takes to succeed in business and life.

We bring knowledge into the property management industry from different business industries to create a richer experience for our audience. We invite the best authors, thinkers, and business people to the show and we pick their brains in their areas of expertise.

We interview our guests and gain key insights that can help our audience in their own path to success. You will find here, ideas, knowledge, best practices in a relaxed and fun conversation. No pretense.

Our guests get real and share successes as well as failures. If you are looking for an unvarnished look at entrepreneurship and business development this is the show for you.

Byron has helped companies of all sizes around the country transition ownership to key employees or family members. He creates “golden handcuff” compensation plans in the preparation phase, ownership transition plans, and helps the new owners get the financing they need to make the transition happen. In this episode, we explore the following questions: How far in advance should you be planning for a transition? How do you know if you have the right people in place to take over? What things need to be in place to give assurances to the lender that the new crop of owners can continue to build the business? What are common pitfalls that take place in a transition and how do you prevent them from happening? What kind of mental transition does an owner have to make in preparation for the sale? It is all in this important and jam-packed episode of Bootstrappers!

About Byron McFarland: Byron McFarland is the founder and owner of The McFarland Group which he started in 2005. The McFarland Group helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, retain talent, and exit their ownership stake. Prior to founding The McFarland, Group Byron spent over 20 years in the financial services business. Byron is an avid fly fisherman and served in the marines.

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